Why Your Teachers May Have Made It Harder For You To Attract Clients - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Did you receive incredible training in your area of expertise  as a facilitator / healer by the most wonderful and gifted teachers? 

Me too!

Did you think that you’d learn how to have a thriving healing practice from what you learned from your incredibly wise teachers?

Me too.

The thing is… my teachers gave me everything I needed and more to facilitate transformation with a client.

However, they did not teach me how to attract said client into my healing practice.

In fact, some of the things I learned as I trained to become a facilitator actually had a negative impact on my ability to attract clients.

I hope the same isn’t the case for you, but there is a strong chance that it IS and you may not even know it…

You see, those who are expert teachers in training practitioners like you and me to be effective with our clients MOST often are not experts in building a thriving healing practice.

This is a big problem because if you don’t know how to attract clients, you can’t have the impact you’re meant to make, and that the world really needs.

Learning the skills of growing a thriving healing practice are DIFFERENT than the skills to facilitate transformation. 

You need BOTH to be a highly effective professional.

Over the years, I heard my well-meaning teachers say things like…

🙀  “Just rent a healing room and people will come.”

😿 “You’ll probably want to discount your prices if people are saying they can’t afford you.”

😹 “Just align your intention for clients and they will come.

Their intentions were good, but these statements are counterproductive to attracting a steady stream of clients and making a good, professional living.

You can’t just do inner work or align your intention and attract a steady stream of clients. You also have to take strategic action… you have to know how to:

☄️ Educate you ideal clients about the real-life struggles they want to overcome so that they naturally come towards you like bees to honey

💥 Learn how to structure your offers so that you enroll highly-committed clients who are invested in their own healing

🔥 Work through any limiting beliefs around money and charging so you can let financial abundance become normalized in your life

The proof is in the pudding.

If what you are doing is working to get you a steady stream of ideal clients in a way that allows you to make a great living – keep going!

If you’re not attracting clients, are experiencing burnout, or not getting the results that you want in order to make it sustainable for you to work as a professional healer – then you likely need to invest in learning the strategy and skills to build your practice.

It’s totally doable and incredibly rewarding when you’re able to touch the lives of people who truly benefit from the work you offer while also making a great living.

You can take the Thriving Healers Self-Assessment Quiz here to find out exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.