Why Attracting Clients Is So Much More Than Good Marketing - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

I’m sick of talking about marketing, ya’ll.

But seriously, I say that in jest, but I don’t want to JUST talk about marketing with my clients. 

Because I want to be IN the journey with you. 

This journey of growing a healing practice definitely requires heart-centered, strategic and connected MARKETING.  Yes!  (And I do enjoy that!)

But it’s SO. MUCH. MORE. than that. 

It’s a powerful soul journey to reclaim and embody your full self, your full essence, and bring that out into the world in service to others.  It’s a place where your inner self and your outer expression become integrated. 

A few weeks ago I led a group call for my senior students.  Some have been with me for many years.  Everyone showed up so incredibly real, vulnerable, raw.  It was so beautiful.

Did we speak about marketing?  Yes.  Because business is a vehicle to bring our gifts out into the world and serve.  I’m down with that.

But much deeper than the vehicle of business is the driver – YOU.  It’s what you’re DELIVERING via the vehicle of business.  And in order to deliver your gifts in service to the world, you must be BRAVE.  You must be COURAGEOUS.  You must step into the driver’s seat and drive!

The vehicle doesn’t go anywhere and it doesn’t deliver any value without YOU, the driver.

My practitioners who are rocking it are rocking it because yes, they are getting a good marketing strategy and implementing it.  That’s the vehicle. 

BUT THE REAL REASON THEY ARE ROCKING IT is because what they are DELIVERING is coming from such a deep, authentic and EMBODIED place within them. 

They are fully in the driver’s seat.

They didn’t just get in the vehicle and start recklessly driving it without knowing what they were doing or where they wanted to go.

They have to navigate their own personal journey before they get into the driver’s seat in service to others.  They have to look at fears of being judged or attacked for their unique expression, the ancestral ties that want to hold them back to keep them “safe”.  They have to claim that they are enough!

They didn’t become that person without walking through the muck.  Without getting to know themselves and transforming (and continuing to transform) their pain. Without fears of being destroyed if they revealed their tender, beautiful hearts to the scary outer world. 

And without learning all about the vehicle they are driving – the marketing / business strategy.

Both are important, rewarding parts of the process.

Teaching about marketing and business (the vehicle) without talking about the embodiment process of the powerful person who’s driving that vehicle is empty for me.

But supporting someone like you to step fully into the driver’s seat by walking through the muck and coming out on the other side with something to offer… that’s a journey I’m all in for!