When It Seems Easy For Everyone Else To Find Clients… - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Sometimes my clients will say to me… “But, Julie, finding clients comes EASY to you.”

Oh my goodness… if they could see me back when I started.

When I FIRST started my healing practice, I was full of positive energy that it would go well and I would build momentum with ease.

Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

What happened was that NOTHING happened when I took LOTS of steps to find clients and put myself out there. It was a challenging time in my life. I had given up the “security” of a big, steady paycheck, health insurance, etc… I started to struggle to pay bills and amassed myself a pile of debt. I felt terror on the daily during that period. The anxiety would course through my body, my stomach was in a perpetual gnarly knot.. It felt like I would never make it through… And it may seem dramatic, but it felt like I would die.

I took that time to do serious deep work – in many ways I was forced to. I mean, I could have just gone back to my old life and a steady paycheck, but that felt worse than death.

I felt the terror. I sat with it. I got support. I had healers and friends sit with me in the terror. I did my best to meet the feelings, layer by layer, with love. I stayed the course through the fear and I kept learning and taking steps, until one day, things started to move in my work. I got traction.

It was a couple of years of serious struggle in my life. So when I see other coaches/consultants promising quick results, I get frustrated! Yes, quick results ARE possible, and they happen frequently for my clients. Yet, it doesn’t ALWAYS happen fast or without struggle.

That part is unique to each of us individually, and we can’t avoid walking our OWN journey.

Looking back at that time period of struggle, I am IMMENSELY grateful. And not because I now have a multiple six figure healing practice that I LOVE.

I am grateful because of the FREEDOM within me that came from facing that terror. In retrospect, that terror had been with me for a LONG time, but I had hidden it behind a pattern of over-doing. My prior work as a corporate manager had shown me a lot of external “success” but with a huge cost – my personal freedom.

You see, whether it takes you a couple of months to gain serious traction in growing your practice or a few years like me – the GIFT of building a business you LOVE, and is a true reflection of you, is that you will be guided along the way to face any and all places within you that are asking for healing.

The healing you will do along the way make everything more meaningful.

I had to face my underlying existential terror that kept me in a perpetual pattern of pushing myself, not listening to myself, overriding myself.
I don’t do that anymore.

More FREEDOM within you to BE you is the promised land you are heading to… And that is more valuable than all the external success of having a steady stream of clients and an abundant income.

Yes, the external success is amazing and I am DEEPLY grateful for a solid, abundant income, and the ability to decide when and how much to work.
But releasing lifetimes of old wounding… that’s the GOLD.

In my year-long training program, we teach you the strategy to have a thriving healing practice. You definitely NEED the strategy – this is not JUST an inner work journey. (Another thing I get frustrated with when I see coaches teaching you that you “just need to shift your vibration”)

But we also guide you back to yourself through any places that are asking for healing so that you can create a body of work that is aligned with you and your integrity. So you can become deeply embodied in your work as a healer and as an entrepreneur.

I deeply desire for highly trained, amazing practitioners like you to make a solid professional income.

Because you are a solid professional and deserve to be paid for it!

But more than that, I want for you to return more deeply HOME to your internal self than ever before and to continue becoming more of who you are through the process.

You are worth all of it ❤