What Makes Thriving Healers Different - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

I was speaking to a potential client the other day and he told me that he’d already spoken to another business coach before reaching out to me and was deciding between the two of us.

I asked him what the other coach was going to provide him.

He shared that this coach was going to help him set up social media content and get set-up with a software system to track his clientele.

He asked me if I’d do the same… I told him, of course, but these two things are incredibly MINOR in the big picture of what’s needed to be successful as a professional healer. These are tactics… without the right strategy, tactics are not effective.

What makes Thriving Healers very different from MOST business coaches and trainings out there is a few things, but I’ll highlight a couple of them here:

NOTE: I will use “healers” as a blanket term I’m using to describe energy workers, transpersonal psychologists, somatic & movement therapists, etc.

❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 We are firstly healers, and secondly, experts at marketing and business strategy.

This is VERY important, because one of the hardest things for healers to do is to really clarify their messaging and the language that they use to connect with their audience.

It’s a VERY specific language that healers and those in the world of transformation use. Learning to translate those words into meaningful connection with potential clients is powerful.

If your mentor does not deeply understand what you do – including the nuance of your work – they may end up watering down your language or just missing you when trying to help you communicate with your audience.

Someone who doesn’t understand your depth of language certainly can’t help you translate it.

And if the way you’re communicating with your audience isn’t really LANDING with them in a way that they understand how you can help them… you won’t get anywhere.

🦋🦋🦋 We are experts in the RIGHT strategy for HEALERS

When I was getting my MBA (Masters in Business Administration), I was taught over and over again that the primary goal of a business is PROFIT. Ick. I actually got in a fight with a professor about this – and then went on to work in corporations with a “triple bottom line approach”… meaning they wanted social, environmental and FINANCIAL outcomes. They didn’t want financial outcomes at the expense of people or the earth.

I have never met a healer who will grow their business at the expense of others or the earth.

So here is the thing… you can find tons of business people teaching you how to make a sale. How to increase your profits. How to get someone to CLICK on the thing you want them to click on.

What we’re teaching you is how to make deep, meaningful CONNECTIONS with clients that you can deeply serve and who truly need and will benefit from your help.

We’re teaching you how to attract and enroll highly committed clients… but NEVER at the expense of your integrity or your relationships.

The strategy we’re teaching you ACTUALLY will give you new skills that make you MORE effective, attuned and masterful in your work with your clients.

Your client attraction and marketing BECOMES SERVICE in and of itself.

You don’t have to have a million followers to be successful. You need a tried-and-true strategy that aligns with YOU and allows you to shine in your service to others.

It’s good for you AND it’s good for your clients. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be interested in having anything to do with it…. am I right??

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. We INCLUDE professional development with business development.

What this means is that we create a safe space for you to do your deep soul work.

Growing a practice will bring you directly into places within you that may be holding back, scared to be seen, stuck in self-doubt and more.

The process of taking your gifts out into the world to serve others is a SOUL journey. And we treat it as such. We hold you through the fear, resistance, uncertainty, overwhelm and anything else that may emerge.

We are there with you when tricky client dynamics emerge to support you in navigating those new edges with clients, so that you show up for your clients with ever deepening presence and embodiment.

At Thriving Healers, we do not separate the inner and the outer journey of growing a healing practice. And we also don’t just throw a bunch of “mindset” work on top of the pain you may be carrying that holds you back from full self-expression.

If this type of support sounds resonant to you, shoot me a message or comment on this post. I’d be happy to hear more about your work and what you’re looking to create! xoxo