Unwinding The Negative Beliefs You Have About Business So You Can Thrive - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

How do you feel about “business”?

Does the word conjure up anything for you?

Anything negative?

How do you feel about running a business, specifically as a healer?

Does it feel wrong in some way?  Does it feel like something some other types of people do, but you, as a practitioner, do not want to do?

This distaste for business is a common theme among professional healers. 

It’s almost like professional healers have absorbed the limiting beliefs of the whole industry of healers and believe that even though they feel deeply called to this work, that they somehow can’t or don’t deserve to make a professional income doing their work.

But I digress…

I want to share with you my personal definition of “business”

Business is simply a vehicle to serve.

It’s not inherently good or bad.  It’s neutral.  It’s simply the vehicle by which you can take your gifts and bring them out into the world.

It’s likely you’ve seen businesses that are corrupt or manipulative.  That just means that that SPECIFIC business was using its vehicle to serve in a way that was out of integrity.

You, however, can run your vehicle to serve in any way that you like.  You can run your business with integrity.

In fact, it’s my belief that as a professional healer, with a deep connection to the gifts you want to share with others, you have a unique opportunity.

You have the opportunity to provide true leadership in the world by running your healing practice (your business) with integrity and as a reflection of who you really are.

The world desperately needs to have this type of leadership modeled at this time.

What if every person who ran a business did so in a way that it was a reflection of their highest self?  In a way that was in harmony with the earth and with our communities?

We would live in a very different world.

So you have a true opportunity to do good not just by sharing your gifts as a healer, but also by building a healing practice that’s abundant and models abundance for your clients, your family, your community and the world. 

Yes, it’s possible to have a healing practice that makes you a good, sustainable living AND provide incredible service and value to others.

If you’re looking for a clear roadmap on how to run a successful healing practice in this way, please enjoy this free training, the 6 Step Roadmap To Find Clients & Make A Great Living this year.