Two Tips To Avoid Burnout - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

There are two (and probably a few more) essential ingredients to building your healing practice without the frazzle and burnout.

☀️ The first is FOCUS. You don’t want to be everything to everyone. Focus on ONE audience and build offerings that deeply serve them. Stay focused on developing ONE offering to start that easily brings you highly committed clients.

🌟 The second is BOUNDARIES. Your energy is precious. In order to serve fully, you need to honor yourself with impeccable boundaries. Examples of unhealthy boundaries may be: when running over time, not having policies and procedures in place for clients around cancellation, etc, charging less than WORKS to have a sustainable business, seeing clients on your “off” hours to try and accommodate them, etc.

What’s one healthy boundary you’ve put in place in your practice that is serving you? Share in the comments.