Try This Simple Practice To Create Financial Health In Your Healing Practice - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

OH THOSE MONEY BLOCKS: THE FOUNDATION OF FINANCIAL HEALTH TO A SUCCESSFUL HEALING PRACTICE Living in the world today means that you’ll necessarily have a relationship with money. As a entrepreneur with a professional practice, that relationship to money becomes central. When I started my healing practice, my expenses were big, and I had no consistent income.

My ease with money that I’d experienced when I was making a great salary at my J-O-B was long gone. I couldn’t even open my bills without feelings of shame and terror that my financial world wasn’t so stable anymore. I’ve learned a lot about money through my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. If I had to sum it all up and give you the golden gem, it all boils down to one simple principle. Money is a relationship just like any other. Like your personal relationships, your relationship to nature, your relationship to yourself, to your physical wellbeing. How are you tending to this relationship? It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, as usual, what’s simple often works best. The healthiest relationships are those that get your consistent presence. Everyday I check in to my relationship to my finances. What does it need? Am I honoring this relationship? This simple practice of attention and nurturance has resulted in more and more financial health and success in my business. To be successful as a professional healer, you don’t need to be a financial guru or hard work to “clear money blocks”. Instead, begin to pay attention to and take care of your relationship to your financial health. It’s a foundation for a successful healing practice that’s sustainable and can grow with you over time. What is your greatest money challenge in growing your business?