The Surprising Secret To Creating Real Freedom In Your Work (& Life) - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

FREEDOM is one of my highest values. I find that it’s often of high value for most entrepreneurs.

How do we experience and create more freedom in our lives?

Often, there is a fear that committing to something, anything, will decrease freedom.

Especially business building!

It means you have to show up, work, block off time on your calendar for clients and for working on things.

As challenges arise, it would be easy to get stuck at this point.

It can feel like… “this is going to take a whole lot of work and decrease my freedom.”

So here’s the important shift we each have to make:


Ultimately, it creates MORE freedom.

I’ve invested in my business. It meant I have had to work, show-up, learn, be uncomfortable, and put things in place.

It’s paid me back in way more time and money than I had before. It’s paid me back in huge amounts of freedom!

If you’re struggling with your commitment to your work, this may be a good place to get curious.

Do you have any conscious or unconscious beliefs around commitment = hard work = less freedom?

As we teach here in Thriving Healers, commitment is the #1 indicator of success.

In my own direct experience I can look at myself, my clients, my peers… and I see that those that are getting the results are 100% COMMITTED.

This means that you commit and you keep showing up and taking the next step, even if you don’t know where it’s going to go. Even if you have setbacks or challenges along the way.

It’s kinda like working out. You may dread it. It may take a lot of energy to get up and go. But once you’re doing your thing – dancing, yoga’ing, etc – it feels amazing!

Now, when you go to the gym, you don’t get to control when you see results. Yet if you consistently show up, you WILL start to notice changes in your body.

Over time, you have more flow in your movement, more range of motion, you’re stronger! You have more FREEDOM!

The same is true of building your business. Your commitment is what’s needed to keep you moving forward through the challenges.

You won’t be able to control WHEN you get results, but if you keep showing up, the ultimate result IS more freedom.