The Results Of The Thriving Healers Self-Assessment - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Have you taken the Thriving Healer’s Self Assessment? (link below)

Over 2000+ practitioners have taken the quiz and I’ve aggregated the results in the chart below.  After you take the quiz, come back and check out how your personal results compare to over 2000+ healers and therapists.

What do our results from over 2000+ practitioners tell us?

Not unsurprisingly, healers rate themselves highest in alignment. They feel deeply ALIGNED with their work. They have found their true calling and are deeply connected to their vision and the gifts they want to share. Awesome!

If you’ve rated yourself a 6 or above on ALIGNMENT, then you are starting with a clear vision and deep connection to your gifts.

👁 Healers rate themselves lower on all business-building areas.  What does this mean?

It means that healers are missing the SKILLS and STRATEGY to bring your vision to life and build a successful business.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve rated yourself lower on some of the key foundations of a thriving healing practice. You’re not alone. This is just giving you the feedback that you need to learn a sustainable, feel good strategy to grow a sustainable business.

🙌 There is a way forward.

We often think that when we learn a healing modality or get extensive training to refine our healing skills that we then have what we need to be successful at helping clients.

(And often we keep going to workshop after workshop to add more tools to our tool belt!)

Yet we still don’t get anywhere when it comes to creating a successful business.

I wish that all your healing tools and modalities were enough! The truth is, refining your gifts through training and experience is maybe 50% of the journey.

Without the right STRATEGY AND SKILLS to GROW a successful healing practice, you’ll likely get nowhere.

I know I spun my wheels for a long time, trying to rely on my gifts and healing skills alone. It wasn’t until I figured out how to attract a steady flow of the right clients that things started to flow (including my income!)

🥳 Take the quiz now to find out exactly how you rate and what to do next to find clients & make a great living.