The Inner & Outer Alignment of Truly Successful Healers - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

The most successful practitioners are know are successful in two ways.

First, they have inner alignment.

They do their inner work. They understand that what they do outside of the healing room is more important than what they do inside of the healing room. They embody their gifts – they walk their talk. They understand that their work – and their vision – is bigger than them, so they allow themselves to be a vessel for transformation. This requires that they let go of the “am I good enough?” because they understand that their calling is bigger than their wounds. They are affected by life, by their clients and don’t aim to be the all knowing guru, but to walk humbly with their humanity and their brilliance.

Secondly, they have outer alignment.

They take consistent, often vulnerable and scary, actions that get them results. They find and implement business practices that WORK. They find and heal their beliefs that keep them playing small, because they understand this is whats required to model transformation for others. They understand that money is simply a tool and they utilize it to it’s fullest. They cultivate a practice of deep inner listening and then actively follow their inner knowing to take practical actions that move them forward. They don’t shun the material world – they live fully in the material world.

They are far from perfect – and don’t strive to be perfect. They strive to be authentic, vulnerable and real.

When this inner and outer alignment come together, these individuals become the work. Who they are BEING is what they are DOING. They live the work so completely that there is no separating between their role as practitioner and any other part of their life. Everyone they touch is impacted and touched by who they are being.

This is the kind of leadership that inspires me.

What an incredible incredible gift to walk the path of the healer.