The Distortions And Limiting Beliefs That Hold Healers Back From Charging Money For Their Services - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

I’ve had some healers commenting on my posts about “making money” by spewing all sorts of things back at me.  Saying things to me like…

😩 ”Healing is free no one should charge for it”

😩  “You’re evil to charge for that which comes from God.”

😩  “Everyone deserves healing!  How can you withhold that from people who have no money!”

I agree with you – healing IS free!  And of COURSE everyone deserves and needs support, love, care, healing, etc.

And yet we live on planet earth where we need to make a living in order to be able to serve others. We need to put a roof over our families’ heads, feed our children, and invest in becoming experts at our craft so that we can do what we do.

Should the doctor show up for work every day and help people, yet have no home to go home to because she’s giving away her time, energy and expertise for free?

Isn’t EVERYONE who is in service offering HEALING?  The custodian at the school, the cleaner at the hotel, the librarian, the artist… these individuals ALL bring healing in their own unique ways… should these individuals also give away their time, energy and expertise for free?

The healers who comment these things on my posts about charging have some real arrogance to think their gifts make them so special.  While it’s an incredible gift to have the calling of a “healer”, it’s no more important than any other calling someone may have.

[Side note: I don’t really like the word “healer”… yet its effective to communicate who I am speaking to.  I don’t actually believe that a “healer” has something that others don’t – it’s just that they are called to serve others by helping others find the path to their own change, transformation and healing.]

Please don’t get sucked into the limiting beliefs about money in our industry.  The healing industry is riddled with limitations around money, charging, and being in healthy relationship to the material world.  So please don’t go there… find your own truth and what works for you.  Find teachers and mentors who have a healthy relationship to money and charging that you can learn from.

You are a professional who has a professional service to offer.   Your profession requires dedication, expertise, devotion, experience and the development of your craft.  It requires that you are able to actually help others – because if you can’t actually help someone, of course no one would pay for it.

As a professional, you absolutely deserve to be paid and to be paid well for your services. 

The world we live in uses money as a form of exchange for value.  Money is just an energy exchange.  It’s neutral and can be utilized to create incredible good in the world.

PS. I understand that our economic system has flaws and that systemic issues like racism affect and oppress many in horrific ways. Addressing issues like systemic racism and creating systems to eliminate oppression of the disadvantaged is incredibly important and deserves our attention and real change. However, not charging for your services is not a real solution to these systemic problems.