The 5 Fundamental Keys To Choosing A Niche That’s Aligned With Divine Will - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Are you having a hard time choosing a niche?

If you’re like most humans, limitations can feel icky!  No one likes to feel confined, restricted or pigeon-holed, right?  That’s one of the reasons we hear from so many healers that they feel TONS of resistance to choosing a niche.

If you’ve listened to any marketing teachers lately, you’ve probably heard by now that you need to pick a niche. A niche is a specific audience that you choose to market to.  

Have you had resistance to this?

Maybe it feels like you’re excluding people from your services, or you feel like you’ll get bored working with only one type of client/issue.  

We understand those concerns, and yet we have never seen that with the healers that we’ve helped build a business, in fact quite the opposite.

So here’s the thing.  Having a niche is absolutely foundational to a successful business.  You can test this out by looking to the businesses that you respect, and you’ll find that they all have a niche, whether they know it or not.

What happens when you don’t choose a niche that’s aligned?

  • You might get some clients, but growth will be slow and haphazard
  • You’ll spin your wheels going in circles around what types of classes, workshops or programs to offer
  • Even if you DO fill up your practice, you’ll find there is a common thread or TYPE of individual who is drawn to you for your unique medicine.  Niching will allow you to attract these ideal clients more effortlessly AND to serve them more deeply

How do you make peace with choosing a niche?

Here are the five fundamental keys to choose a niche that’s aligned with Divine Will:  

1. Niching Done Well Starts With Inner Guidance:  

Having a niche is PART of the inside-out approach to building your practice.  It’s not about choosing something that you “think” will work. Instead, you choose your niche through a process of listening to inner guidance.  You then combine your inner guidance with market research that allows you to connect and communicate with those you’re uniquely meant to serve.

2. The Right Niche For You Is Aligned With Divine Will, Not Separate From It

When you align with the RIGHT niche for you, it will be aligned with Divine Will.  It won’t come from a forcing current. When you find this alignment with Divine Will, your aren’t choosing a niche as a “tactic” to build your business.  Instead, you’re aligning with this niche so that you can honor the unique gifts and medicine that wants to flow through you in service to others.  It will feel right deep inside! 

3. Your Best Service Will Come From Ideal Clients That Light You Up!

You deserve to work with clients that are ideal for you and light you up!  Clients that it feels wonderful to work with, and your work with clients is a complete WIN-WIN.  These clients will stretch you and grow you, but not deplete you or always be questioning the value of the work.  Having an aligned niche ensure this amazing “win-win” occurs in your practice.

4. Your Niche Is The Structure That Brings Your Vision To Life

Your niche becomes the key that unlocks the door to attracting clients that you’re uniquely designed to serve. It’s a supportive structure for that allows your big vision and the energy that wants to move through TO MOVE THROUGH YOU.

5. Your Niche Is In Service To Your Own Growth

Once you have an aligned niche, chosen from deep inner listening, you receive so much!  Through working with your niche, your gifts will become refined. Your unique medicine will become crystal clear.  Your niche grows you as a practitioner and brings you into your mastery.

How do these fundamental keys about niching resonate with you?

Maybe these ideas have helped a light bulb go on for you, or maybe this has brought up even more questions or resistance. We’d love to hear from you about your niche ideas and challenges in our Facebook group, so hop in and leave us a comment or post.