The 3 Necessary Ingredients To Be & In-Demand Healer With Financial & Time Freedom - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

I was so freaking burnt-out when I left corporate America and started my own healing practice.  I remember committing to myself – deep in my bones – that I would not build a healing practice out of alignment with myself.  I would not create more of the same I had experienced in my toxic workplace.  I would build at my own pace in a way that was self-honoring.

Yet when I started out, I witnessed how most practitioners were growing their businesses, and I saw it was completely unsustainable.

If I charged the hourly rate and started trying to fill up my schedule, I’d have to overwork and over give to make a good living. 

No way… that wasn’t happening.

You see, our industry (personal / spiritual development, healing, alternative health / wellness) is actually rife with limiting beliefs and false humility about charging for our services, making money, and true abundance. 

If we are not aware of it, we can just absorb these beliefs and buy into the notion that we can either serve and share our gifts OR have time freedom and be financially sustainable.  Not both.

When we aren’t aware of this dynamic, it will show up for us as struggling to find clients and make a good living, and feeling self-doubt around charging, and putting our work out there.

It’s incredibly painful to know you have a strong purpose and calling and not know how to actualize that calling so that your gifts can be received by others and you can have a good, sustainable lifestyle that fully honors you and your human needs.

If we want to model true abundance for our clients, we need to be in harmony with ourselves and the world we live in.  This means we can’t kill ourselves – striving, pushing, burning out – in order to make a decent living.

It also means we can’t hide and suppress our gifts and our calling.

So how do we strike the balance of putting ourselves out there and sharing our gifts in service to others AND creating a thriving, sustainable business that nourishes us.

I knew when I started my healing practice, I wanted to offer real leadership in terms of what’s possible here.

I am not talking about some fairy-tale “laptop” life without challenges, but a life where you can work in a way that is fulfilling, it gives back, and it is abundant and sustainable for YOU. 

This requires a few things:

🌺🌺 Clear inner knowing of your gifts and what you want to create

🌼🌼 A solid, sustainable business model that actually works and actually allows you to find clients and make a good living (no hustle or burnout!)

🌸🌸 The inner work that supports you in becoming aware of and transforming your limitations around growing a business, making money, charging for your services, and feeling “good enough” to help others.

It also requires support for YOU as you learn HOW to truly take your gifts and your deep longings to serve and begin to build a business and share your work with clients.

I’m happy to share more about what’s possible and HOW to grow your healing practice / business so that it’s good for you and good for the world. 

It’s not only good for you, it’ll be amazing for your clients and those you serve to see a real model of this kind of integration and abundance.

Comment below or message me and I can share with you some of my free trainings and resources or answer any questions you have.