Stop Hustling: 3 Essentials To A Thriving Healing Practice - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Finding a steady stream of the right clients is NOT about constantly working hard or hustling. It’s about doing the right things, the strategic things, the things that WORK!

If your actions to find clients aren’t getting you results… that means you’ve likely not got the right strategy in place.

Over the years helping professional healers to build thriving practices, I’ve learned that they are generally missing:

🤪 A clear way to communicate with potential clients so that your people know exactly how your work will help them in meaningful ways

😭An offer for your services that is oozing with value so that your clients are happy to invest with you

🫣Prices that are a win-win… they reflect the value of the work you offer and they attract clients who are highly committed

These three aspects are foundational to a thriving practice where you don’t have to kill yourself, hustle, or constantly spin your wheels. You won’t need the latest marketing tactics, hoping it will be the “silver bullet” that will finally change things for you..

Healers are naturally gifted at these three foundational aspects of a smart strategy – but you have to invest your time and energy in learning how to implement these foundations in your business to reap the rewards of a steady stream of highly committed clients who are happy to invest in their healing.