Software Recommendation For Healers: FG Funnels - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

If only this one software existed when I started my healing practice, it would’ve saved me so.much.time and energy.

I recently implemented FG Funnels to run Thriving Healers.  This ONE platform has replaced the following for me:

🕥  Scheduling Software (I was using Acuity…)

💌 Email Marketing Software (I was using Active Campaign…)

⚒️ Funnel Building / Landing Page Builder Software (I was using ClickFunnels…)

👭 Membership / Course Software (I was using LearnDash or Teachable…)

📈 CRM to track all potential clients / sales (I was using SalesFlare…)

🚩 Social Media Post Scheduling (I was using Content Studio…)

📄 Form / Survey builder (I was using Typeform or Google Forms…)

💬 Website “Chat” Box (I was using Live Agent…)

🎨 Beautiful design and templates (I paid someone to create an expensive brand for me)

Plus I was paying to use Zapier – a software that integrated all my other software!  😩

You can also build a GORGEOUS website with FGFunnels, too!

I am not even kidding, ya’ll!

Each of these cost anywhere from $10 to $200/month (EACH!). By switching over, I’m saving well over $2500 / year in business expenses!

When I started setting up and really learning FG Funnels, I found the software to be intuitive, fast, and completely easy to use.

You can use my affiliate link to get grandfathered in as a founding member to lock in the lowest rate available.

NOW… as a new practitioner or even an experienced practitioner who isn’t high-tech, you will NOT need all these functions to get started.  You could do well with a scheduling software, an email marketing software and a website.

However, it’s probably worth it for you to start with this platform because you’ll likely pay MORE per month just for your scheduling software and a website builder,which will cost you about the same or more as the monthly cost of FG Funnels.

And then, as you’re ready to expand and grow, you already have a software system designed for all the things we need to do as practitioners to take care of our current clients and market to new clients.

(Side note:  if you DIDN’T know how much I love software before reading this post… you do now!)

Seriously, one of my entrepreneurial friends and I used to jump online first thing on Cyber Monday each year to share the software deals we’d find that could help us in our business.. #softwarejunky

Make sure to do your own research and be sure the software meets your needs.  Just like any software, you’ll have to invest your time in learning how to use it or have someone on your team that can do this for you.  But the same is true for your email software, your scheduling software and any other tools you use.  And I personally have found this to be superior.

Now, I do have an affiliate link, so I do get a small commission if you use my link.  But I am using this to run my biz and I am just loving how efficient it’s making us and I wanted to share with you!
Learn more about FG Funnels and their best deal for joining here .