Self-Honoring Leadership Is The Basis Of A Thriving Healing Practice - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Many people think that I teach professional healers how to find clients and market themselves.

Yes, on the surface I do that.  And it’s an incredibly important and valuable skillset to have as a professional healer.

But what I actually teach is how to be deeply self-honoring.

I believe that our world needs for each individual to be so deeply connected to their Inner Self and Inner Truth that they live their life fully and completely in devotion to this Truth.

That they live in a self-honoring way.

It’s a game-changer.

Being self-honoring will shift you from victim to empowered creator.  It will shift you from unhealthy patterns to more aliveness.  It will naturally create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

And when you are self-honoring, you are by definition honoring others.

Now, on a practical level for professional healers, being self-honoring looks like:

✨ Living and modeling truly self-honoring boundaries and supporting your client’s to do the same

✨ Having the courage to clearly communicate what you do, without shame, in a way people understand

✨ Pricing your services in a way that allows you to make a good living without burnout

✨ Taking a stand for your potential-client’s potential from a place of grounded integrity

✨ Courageously being seen and putting yourself out into the world because your mission is bigger than your fear

Being self-honoring isn’t a place that you arrive, it’s a way of being that you devote yourself too as a practice.

The resulting inner peace and contentment (even alongside life’s real challenges) are astounding.