The Thriving Healers Referral Program

Our Intention

We want to create an incredible rich and supportive community of professional healers who are coming together to share our gifts, serve and build thriving businesses that are aligned with who we are.

As our community grows, the support, resources, sharing and opportunities and deeper connections for you, also grow!

The Invitation

If you’ve received value from this community and the Thriving Healers program, it’s likely you’ll share your experience! We want to offer our appreciation and gratitude for when you do! When you share your own experience and the Thriving Healer’s program, you support other healers in getting what they need to follow their calling and share their gifts. You also support us (Jonathan & Julie) in getting to live our purpose fully!

We’d like to offer you an acknowledgment when you DO spread the word. We know it takes your heart in it. We know it comes from your generosity. And we simply want to acknowledge that!

For each new Thriving Healer’s member that becomes a participant of the program from your referral, we’d like to gift you with $150.

Thank you for supporting our calling to help incredible healers like you share your gifts, serve and make your impact.

How It Works…


Perhaps the best way for your colleagues to really understand what we’re up to at Thriving Healers is by participating in one of our free workshop series.  Our workshop series really gives away the “keys to the kingdom” and allows our ideal clients to really understand what works and what doesn’t.  You may even remember some “aha” moments at an introductory workshop with us!   We’ll do our best to keep this page updated with our next offering.  

How?  The details of our next training are below.  We’ve also included a sample email that you can use to quickly and easily email your colleagues, friends and any groups your part of.  Plus, there is a social media blurb you can use to share!


Next Workshop Series: January 25th, 2018 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST

Name: The 7 Step Roadmap To Find Clients & Make a Good Living

Link to Register:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As of right now, we will only have ONE enrollment period for Thriving Healers in 2018- that’s this January!  So if you know someone who’s been on the fence – be sure to encourage them to have a chat with us!


Invite your colleague or friend to apply for a Complimentary Strategy Session with us.  We’ll take this time to dive deep and hold the same principles and integrity we teach in Thriving Healers.  This is a good option if they miss our workshop, enrollment for the group program is closed, or they have specific / different needs.  Jonathan and I do reserve a few spaces for private clients in our business model.

When?  Right now!  Thriving Healers doors are open for enrollment through the end of January, 2018.  (With a final acceptance date of February 5, 2018)

How To Apply?:  Share the link:


If you have a special case or feel like your referral would best be served with direct contact with Jonathan or Julie, please send an email to introduce them to us!  We promise to take great care of your referral. 

You can send an introductory email with your referral and us at: [email protected]



We hope this referral program feels great to you and supports you in spreading the word with your friends and colleagues.  We truly appreciate it.