Podcast Interview: The Inner Work Of A 6 Star Business - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Julie Migneault of Thriving Healers was honored to be interviewed by the wonderful and gifted Aveline at 6 Star Business to talk all about the inner work of building a thriving business.

We cover:

**What is ‘purpose’ and how do we find ours?

**How to follow your inner guidance

**How do we handle “competition” when building a business

**How being ‘who we are” can come through in our outer expression of our work in the world

**Utilizing business as a vehicle to serve in the way the world needs

**The potential for true leadership by building a business that is in harmony with ourselves, people, and the planet.

Plus you’ll learn more about my journey with business since my early days in business school til today…

Listen here: