The Thriving Healers team is so excited to work with you to deliver a Registration Funnel that allows you to stay in your zone of genius while we take care of the tech details!  We are committed to supporting you in staying in aligned action, and know how technology can sometimes be a barrier to moving forward with ease.

Please go through this page in detail.  It has all the information you need to get started working with our team so we can deliver your Opt-In Page Funnel to you!


Opt-in Page Creation Process

Step 1: Orientation Video Step 2: Sign Up for Web Hosting and Register Domain Name (recommended: SiteGround) Step 3: Sign Up for E-mail Marketing (recommended: MailChimp) + Write the text for the welcoming email that will greet your subscribers Step 4: Pick Your Color Scheme (recommended: Adobe Color CC) with 4 to 5 colors Step 5: Finding and Sizing Your Photos (recommended: Stencil) Background Image: 970 X 550 or bigger, 3 Bullet Point Images: 300 X 200, and Bio Image: 250 X 250 Step 6: Fill Out Your Opt In Submission Form – On this form you will include all the copy/text for your Opt-in page, provide log-in info, and hex colors. (See sample Opt-in page for ideas: http://www.thrivinghealers.com/) The form is located on bottom of this page. Step 7:E-mail Your Opt In Submission Form PDF with your 5 Photos to [email protected]

After you have submitted your form, it will be reviewed and you’ll be contacted if anything needs clarification or when it’s done (between 10 and 14 days). Please submit the complete and final version of the text for your Opt-In page as, once it is submited, you are responsible for any additional changes to be made.

Important Details!

1.  This offer includes the features listed above.  It does not include ongoing website updates or revisions. This includes any updates to WordPress, Divi Theme or any plugins you later install.

2.  You are responsible for any changes that you make to your WordPress site.  If you’re not familiar with WordPress, we recommend that you hire a web developer to support you in further revisions or updates.  (Check out Module 6 Training for support.)

3.  Our Thriving Healer’s team member, Kristina, is currently the project manager supporting you through this process.  After completing the necessary form, please direct all communication to Kristina at [email protected].  She will oversee the completion of your Registration Opt-In Page, respond to questions, request additional details we may need and more.

(Please do not send requests for support on this project to Julie or Jonathan, as they will not be available to respond.)

Step 1: Orientation

We look forward to working with you and creating your opt-in page as you go through this process!

Step 2: Sign Up for Web Hosting & Register Domain Name

A web host is the place where your website will actually be stored. It’s the place that your content lives. If you don’t already have a WordPress site, you’ll need a web host – it’s the place we’ll build your site!

There are lots of great web hosts out there. We’ve used Bluehost.com and currently Siteground.com. Do your own research or use the one we link to above.

A domain name is the URL of your website. Once you have a web host, your domain name will point to the content of your website on that webhost.

We need the login information to change the settings for your domain name. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can find the one you want from Siteground.com or many other domain registrants.

Step 3: Sign Up for E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing is the service that allows you to send emails to your “list”. You’ll be building your list every time someone registers for your free class / webinar.

We like MailChimp as a good starting service, but if you already have another service, that’s great! MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers. Once you sign up, we need your login information to link your registration page with your email list.

Step 4: Pick Color Scheme

Picking your color scheme will create the look and feel of your Opt-in page. In this video you’ll be walked through how to pick one and how to identify the Hex colors.

Step 5: Finding and Sizing Your Photos

In this video we show you how to use Stencil.com to find and size you photos.

Step 6: Submit Your Form

Step 6 and 7: Submitting Opt-in Funnel Information

Below you’ll find a link to download the form to submit all your information for your Opt-In Page.

You can see past member’s opt-in pages here, and here and here.

How to Use the Form:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: If your form isn’t SAVED to your computer, you can lose everything you entered into the form if you are working in different browsers/devices. Be sure to follow the steps below.)

  1. Click button below.
  2. Save / download PDF to your computer.
  3. Go to https://www.pdfpro.co/
  4. Select [Click to upload your file]
  5. Open [Edit] tab – upper right part of the screen
  6. Click on the [Open PDF] next to the name of the uploaded file
  7. The file will be uploaded into the browser
  8. After the Opt In Form is shown click on [Edit] button – upper left
  9. Click [OK] on the pop up window
  10. Write everything in the form, use default formatting
  11. Select [Save] to save your work.
  12. When you are done choose [Export] and then [Download] to your computer
  13. Write your Welcome Email text:

You want to do three things in the email: 

1. Welcome them and let them know the opportunity / intention of the class.

2. Give them the details of the free class (link to join, address, etc.)

3. Remind them what the benefits… what will they learn/get out of attending?

Here’s an example from my friend’s webinar. You can see she also took a fourth step and to engage her audience and do some market research at the same time…

Congratulations! You have successfully registered.

Hi ,

I am excited to let you know that you’re confirmed for the free online class where I will teach you the 3 surprising secrets I used to manifest over $33,000 of unexpected income in one month. 

Remember to block off the time of the class time in your calendar. We’ll be going live on Thursday at 11am PST / 9pm EST

I’ve put the details you’ll need to access the live class below:







Hit reply and send me a quick email to let me know which part of the webinar you are most excited for so I can make sure that you get what you want out of the live class.

A) How to improve your manifesting

B) How to manifest more money

C) Learning about extended orgasm

D) All of the above!

Look forward to having you in the class!


  1. Email [email protected] and include:

a) Filled out pdf FORM

b) 5 photos

c) Text for the Welcome email 

14. After a week or so, marvel at your beautiful opt in page

Be sure that you review all parts and make sure this is a final draft before your submit the form to our team.  We will create your opt-in page using exactly what you’ve entered into the form, so it’s important that you’ve included exactly what you want.  Any revisions you need after we create the opt-in page will need to be completed on your own.