Only The (Supported) Wounded Healers - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

It’s a really old school of thought to believe that as a practitioner you can remain totally neutral and unaffected by your clients.

I see the client / practitioner relationship as that of two equals.  The practitioner isn’t more “healed” and the client doesn’t have “something wrong with them”

It’s simply that the practitioner is bringing their expertise and presence to the problem / challenge area the client is facing.

To work with integrity, the practitioner will be affected, activated and triggered by the client.

That’s normal!

It also means that to work with integrity you need a support system in place to work with what gets activated and triggered within you when working with your clients.

If you don’t see this as necessary – you likely have a blindspot here.

You can be much more effective in your client work when you’re actively doing your own inner work.

In fact, your personal process work OUTSIDE of the healing room is far more important than what happens WITHIN the healing room.