Myth Or Fact: You Need Confidence To Build A Successful Healing Practice  - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

If you don’t feel confident in yourself as a practitioner or in your ability to attract clients… that is NOT A PROBLEM…

You see… confidence is BUILT OVER TIME through experience and by taking new, scary steps.

If you’re scared out of your mind and doubt yourself you are not alone. 98% of the practitioners I speak with feel that way to some degree also.…

It does not mean that you’re not READY to step forward into building a thriving practice.

The work here is to move forward toward your dream ANYWAY.

🌈🌈 Find the right support – you don’t have to go it alone

🌈🌈 Learn how to build a healing practice from those who know how to do it

🌈🌈 Believe in your deep longing to serve and to bring your purpose into the world, it will carry you through the fear & challenges

You probably aren’t going to have 100% inner peace and 0% fear.

You likely aren’t going to have a 100% YES inside… that’s a myth. Part of you may be saying… HELL NO.

Scary things that are important to you are ALWAYS WORTH THE JOURNEY!

And… Thriving Healers is an amazing container of support for healers, coaches, therapists and facilitators who are looking to grow their practice or take their business to the next level. We’re here to help!  Check out the free training and resources available on this site. ❤️