Many Gifted Healers are Missing this Key to Attract Clients - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

I was just on the phone with a potential client. We had a lovely conversation. I was deeply touched by their depth, presence and mastery at their craft. They have trained with the best of the best and have decades of experience as a facilitator of transformation.

It was so painful to know they’d been struggling for YEARS to build a steady client base and not had the results they wanted.

The reason I started to help fellow practitioners and healers to build thriving healing practices was because I saw the most gifted practitioners never fully actualizing their purpose because they are missing the keys needed to take their gifts and build it into a thriving healing practice that HELPS real life clients.

It’s like sitting on the keys to the kingdom, having some thing the world desperately needs, and not being able to get the key into the lock.

I also struggled to find my way to create a thriving business as a professional healer.

I overcame that struggle by mastering specific skills and a strategy you need to take your gifts forward through actually attracting clients who understand the value of your work and want to invest money to receive that work for themselves.

YOU can learn these skills and strategy too.

If you’re committed to your purpose and to your work with clients and you’re not attracting clients in the way you want to, then let me know in the comments.

I have a lot of resources to help you!

Side benefit?

When you learn and implement the skills and strategy to attract a steady stream of clients, you become a better facilitator and healer along the way.