Our Customer Service Manager is a strong team player with great communication skills and a pure desire to ensure our clients have the best experience possible!  You’re responsible for ensuring our clients are happy and have everything they need to be effective through our programs.

This position is right for you if:

**You have prior customer service experience and experience working in an entrepreneurial, “all-hands-on-deck”, type of environment.

**You are very detail oriented and can take responsibility for smooth management of our customer service.

**You understand all of the moving parts and players in a successful online business and know how to improve operations and productivity.

**You have a strong aptitude for using technology. You’re not scared off by new software and know how to learn and maximize new systems.

**You love to build relationships and are excited about engaging and being part of our online community to support them in getting the most out of our programs!

**You’re an amazing communicator and can suggest improvements, spot errors and help to ensure everything we do is “on message”

**You are passionate about what we do! We teach transformational work and support others in facilitating transformational work.  A passion for spiritual growth & educating/empowering others is a big asset in this role. Please mention if that applies to you!

*You thrive in a fast paced environment and are adaptable to a shifting routine and priorities

*You are organized and efficient.  You have incredible interpersonal skills and high emotional intelligence

In this role you:

*Manage customer service from start to finish.  Serve as the main point of contact for all of our clients to ensure they have answers to questions, can find what they need within our program structure, make payments in a timely manner, etc.

*Create and implement systems to streamline our customer service operations and make it as efficient and easy as possible for our clients.

*Manage communication with our clients – both via email, phone and through our Facebook group

*Oversee payment processing and track monthly billing

*Supervise communication between team members and report up (to the entrepreneur) and down (to team members) regarding progress, roles, responsibilities, roadblocks, etc.

*Understand our technology systems and know how to get the most out of them.

*Research and propose what tools/resources are needed to improve or implement any of these areas of the business.

This role has the opportunity for expansion into other areas of a virtual assistant, and so if you have experience in these other areas, please let us know: 

*Building a highly engaged online community as a community manager of our Facebook Group

*Overseeing our social media strategy to ensure a high level of community engagement

*Copywriting and suggesting copywriting improvements to ensure we are “on message”

*Creating great visuals/graphics that are “on brand” and engaging!

Tools We Use:

It’s important that you have familiarity with these (or similar) systems:

  • Active Campaign – email marketing
  • WordPress with Divi Theme – website
  • Stripe – payment processing
  • Stencil – graphic design
  • s2Member – membership plugin for wordpress
  • Google Drive – collaboration


The position will start with 10 to 12 hours per month and will grow as we train you and are able to pass off more responsibilities to you!

What We Offer:

Working for an expanding online company is an incredible opportunity. If you bring your “A Game” to the table, we’ll bring:

*A virtual work environment that gives you more flexibility and allows you to work when you want!

*Opportunity to grow into a half-time position.

*Opportunity for performance-based bonuses.

*A team that’s on purpose, heart-centered and totally committed to making a difference.

*Mentorship and support of your dreams and goals!



Send us an email with the following information:

Subject line: Customer Service Manager – your full name

Send To: [email protected]

Include your full name, your complete mailing address, your phone number and email address at the beginning of the email.

Please do not send Word document attachments or your resume.


In the email, provide your answers to the following questions in a numbered list like below.

1. Why you want to be a part of our team

2. Why you think you’d be great for this position

3. Describe any specific training, experience or skill sets you have that make you valuable for this position.

4. Describe your virtual assistant and customer service experience, as well as your technology skills. How do you know you’re great at this? Include specific results you’ve achieved in supporting an entrepreneur or in using specific software.

5. Describe your experience in customer service. What results did you achieve in your role in customer service?

6. Describe your experience managing a team or contractors. How do you know you’re great at this? Who did you manage and what outcomes did your team produce?

7. Describe your experience with building business relationships? What makes you great at this? What are some relationships you’ve developed that get specific results?

8. If applicable describe any marketing, graphic design or specialty skills that you bring to the table.

9. Please list 2 relevant job positions you held that make you qualified for this position.

For each list:
a. Job title and top 5 responsibilities
b. Name of company you worked for
c. Dates you had the job
d. Salary earned
e. Name of the supervisor you worked under plus his/her phone number and email address
f. Your reason for leaving


Hit ‘send’ on that email and we’ll be in touch! The first step will be for you to complete a paid sample project/task to determine if this is a good fit for you and for our team!

We are eager and excited for the right person to fill this position!  We’re looking to get started as soon as possible!