How To Take Aligned Action, Even When It Requires A Push (Part 2) - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

In our last post, we shared with you about the dynamic that happens when self-care becomes an excuse to not follow your dreams.  If you missed that article, you can check it out here.

In this post, we’re continuing the conversation with some KEYS to support you in taking aligned action, even when it requires a “PUSH”.

The first step is to identify that you’re either in an unhealthy push or stuck in inaction. (Check out last week’s article for more details on how that may be showing up for you.) 

Here’s what to do if you’re in an unhealthy push…

When you find yourself in an unhealthy push, pause. Slow down.

  1. Ask “What is happening underneath the push?” You might find perfectionism or not enough-ness.
  2. What are your real needs? What is your body or your soul crying out for?
  3. What is the healing response to yourself? What’s the voice of loving kindness here?
  4. Stay with that place until it’s possible to assess with the next aligned action is.  HINT: It will come from inspiration, not fear.

Remember, you generally will not get your intended results when your actions are coming from fear or forcing. There is a cost not just to yourself and your well-being, but there is also a negative impact to your creative expression and what you’re trying to accomplish. 

If you’re avoiding (or afraid to) step into a healthy push…

When you find yourself stuck and avoiding taking action:

  1. Start by telling yourself the truth: you’re likely afraid to take action.
  2. Ask what is the underlying fear? It’s OK to be afraid.
  3. Then ask yourself: “What is 1 inspired, scary step that moves me towards my dream?”
  4. Make sure to ask an ally to cheerlead or help hold your vision for yourself

Remember, healthy pushes are a necessary and amazing part of the creative process. They don’t have to come at the expense of incredible self-care, but they may feel uncomfortable. In fact, a healthy push will free up time, energy and money for genuine self-care! 

Celebrate your healthy pushes! And celebrate dropping unhealthy pushes! 

Taking steps toward our deep calling to serve others as professional healers is no joke! It requires courage, clarity and consistent aligned action. We highly recommend that you don’t go it alone. 

Having the support of mentors and allies is a necessary ingredient that will support you in staying true to yourself and to your vision. 

We’d love to support you in taking aligned action and celebrate your healthy pushes! Please accept this invitation to join us in our free Facebook Group that’s designed to support you, and other professional healers like you, in actualizing your dream to have a thriving healing practice. 

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