Healers: It’s Not Possible To Charge What You’re Worth (& What To Do Instead) - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Very often I hear from practitioners… “I’m struggling to charge or get paid what I’m worth.” This can look like having discounted or very low rates, charging for your time versus by the results your creating together with your client. It can be experienced as guilt, shame or judgment that you’re charging at all for your services!

So let me tell you straight up… it is not possible for you to charge what you’re worth.


Not possible.

In fact, trying to charge what your worth or have clients pay you what you’re worth is a set up for failure.

I’m serious.

I see all these mindset coaches and healers wanting to help you “heal your money blocks” and learn to “feel worthy”

What if there is nothing wrong with you and you don’t need to clear any major blocks to make a shift to where you’re charging higher rates?

Let me explain…

What is it that the client is paying for, anyway?

The client is paying for your help and support so they can make a change in their life. They are investing in transformation, in a change in their life that will bring them value.

So here’s the big shift that you’ll need to make as a practitioner in order to charge rates that support your clients in getting results and allow you to make a good living.

****The value of the work you’ll do together lives with the CLIENT. The value lives with the client. It is CREATED through the healing relationship.****

Pause for a minute to take that sentence above in and see how it lands.

What if it’s not about YOU or your worthiness?

If the value lives with the client, then it’s super important you understand what value the client is seeking to transform and create in their life.

Is it a healthier relationship? More financial stability? Better health?

What is that worth to your client?

If you help your client get super clear on what’s important to them and then you focus on that in your healing work together, the shifts they make with your support are priceless. There is no amount of money that can quantify the benefit of having more joy, more love, more connection, a better relationship, clarity on their purpose, etc.

The changes your client makes result in them having more of themselves, of creating what they most long for, of healing issues that have held them back sometimes for years.

So why then do we charge? Two important reasons:

1. To support the client in committing to the transformation they seek. Their commitment is the #1 indicator of their results.


2. To create a win-win energy exchange that allows us to make a living for the service we offer.

Yes, it’s good for BOTH you and your client when you charge.

No where in those two reasons is YOUR worth.

So how to avoid all the slugging through of your “stuff” to “know your worth”…

There is a simple inner shift to make (as taught to me by the brilliant Jonathan T. Bessone) is from WORTHINESS to WILLINGNESS.

The next time you feel stuck and unable to set a price that would actually reflect the investment of time, energy and love you’ve put in to becoming the practitioner that you are…. pause. Notice how you feel unworthy. Then ask your self…

“Am I willing?”

Are you willing to support your client in the transformation that they deeply desire? Are you willing to show up in service to another in a way that’s a win-win?

Remember, the value lives in the client and it’s created through the healing relationship. The client defines what is valuable to them… it has nothing to do with your worthiness.

It has nothing to do with your worthiness!

Comment below with your thoughts and any places you get challenged in charging.