Fear Of Being Seen: Trust Your Inherent Goodness - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

Trusting in your inherent goodness is an essential key to the needed quality of self reflection, self expression and service.

Have you struggled to be seen or put yourself out in the world?  Do you fear someone may call you out for not being good enough? 

In these moments, lean back into your inherent goodness and find your intention behind your actions.

By doing this, you create space to mess up, be judged or even have someone attack you for your point of view without being taken down by it.

If you do “mess up”, you then have space to say, “Hey, I could’ve done this better and I’m happy to adjust” while still honoring your inherent goodness, value and enoughness.

If you are unfairly judged or attacked for what you’re sharing, you then have space to not take it personally and to trust yourself.

I want to see your gifts and your expression and I understand that will include human imperfections. Share yourself with the world anyway.

Trust your inherent goodness 💖🙏🏼💖