Creating Success: What It Really Requires - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

The journey to take your gifts forward into the world is a soul journey.  It’s not as simple as taking actions that get you clients.  And it’s also not as simple as processing your “stuff” and doing the inner work hoping something will then shift in your external experience.

Taking your gifts forward into the world requires so much more.  It requires a deep level of integration within you.  As you deepen within yourself and do your inner work, you not only refine your gifts but you tap into the deep yearning to serve others with what you’ve gained.

From there, the next part of the integration begins – the outer integration.  It requires courage to step forward while being with the inevitable fear and doubt.  It requires the willingness to learn the business skills you will need and the steps you’ll have to take to be successful in your endeavor. 

This dance between inner deepening and outer action results in spiritual maturation.  It results in wisdom.  It results in a deep and meaningful offering that is uniquely yours to give others.