The Complimentary Thriving Healers Strategy Session

During your private Strategy Session session you will work with the Thriving Healers team to

  • Get crystal clear on your vision for your work in the world
  • Understand the specific inner challenges that are holding you back and receive support to work through any limiting beliefs or self-doubt and be held compassionately in your fears so they can dissolve.
  • Identify the specific steps and strategy that will help you bring your vision for your work into reality so you can make a good living with more ease and being more authentically you!

Why are we offering you this opportunity?

We want to answer a question you might be asking yourself, “Why is this session free?”  We’re offering these sessions because our expertise is helping healers like you to thrive in your business.  Normally, a session like this is valued at $500.  We understand that if you get a lot out of this session, you may want continued support.  If that’s the case, we’ll be happy to share all the details of our 2018 Thriving Healers Program with you.

But please do not worry! There is absolutely no obligation to move forward with continued support, and either way we we are dedicated to serving you in finding your next steps to success.

Are you eligible for A Complimentary Thriving Healers Strategy Session?

If you read this page and you feel called to this work, trust that!  Julie personally reviews each application to make sure you’re a fit for our specific area of expertise.  We do have limited time spaces available on our calendar in the next few weeks.  The important thing is that you take the next step to apply and share as much details as you can about yourself and your work.


  • You are a professional healer or training to be a professional healer and you’re serious about taking your work forward.
  • You need support creating a business that easily allows you to find clients, develop your confidence and make a good living.
  • You are committed to doing the work required to share your gifts and make your impact.

The more in-depth you can answer these questions in the application, the better your chances are your application will be approved.  We want to be sure we can truly help you if you’re investing your time for the session.

Scroll down and complete the brief application and our team will let you know within 48 hours if you’ve been selected for your strategy session!

Lots of love!

Julie & Jonathan

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