Our Anti-Racism Statement

As an organization, we strive to be anti-racist.  We fully support and advocate for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ rights.  We welcome people of all genders, races and identities in our programs and broader community.

We are committed to:

  • Continually learn how our business practices may be unconsciously racist or discriminatory and adjust our practices to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Support our members to increase their competency in working with people of color and diverse backgrounds.

  • To purposefully discuss and challenge issues of race and the impacts they have on our members and broader community.

  • Receive feedback and make amends where harm or mistakes have occurred.

  • Provide opportunities in the form of scholarships to those who are interested in our programs.

    To learn more about how to receive one of our scholarships for black Americans to the Thriving Healers Mentorship Program, apply here: go.thrivinghealers.com/apply