Why The World Needs Healers To Show Up As Powerful Entrepreneurs Now - Thriving Healers with Julie Migneault

One of the things I hear from healers often is, “I resist marketing, I am not good at business. I’m a healer, not a marketer! I don’t want to run a business, I just want to be a healer! ”

Can you relate?

While being an entrepreneur is not suited for every healer, I’d like to unpack this idea that healers are not good business people.

Our world is screaming for change. Political systems are divisive. Government systems are failing those that need them most. Many corporations are focused on the bottom line, even at the expense of people and the environment.

So why should you, a healer, consider embracing entrepreneurship and business? Why should you be to PROUD to lead your own business, make good money and deeply serve clients? AND why are you HIGHLY SUITED to be a successful business person as a healer?

Here’s my take:

The skills you have as a healer are the skills our world is crying for: the ability to make deep connection with other humans. Compassion. Empathy. The ability to listen deeply. To take responsibility. To hold clear and respectful boundaries. To listen to your inner guidance and take action from the wisdom of your heart.

When you express these qualities of a healer in your own business, you bring great leadership to the world.

Leadership that our world desperately needs at this time.

As a successful entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to bring leadership to this world by building your business with integrity, compassion, empathy, understanding, deep listening, clear boundaries, authentic connection, and the list goes on!

Can you imagine if every business out there was built on these foundations??

What a different world we would live in!

Our world really needs you to make great money building your practice as a healer. It’s an opportunity for true leadership and to embody the values that you hold deeply.

What it requires is that you let go of any of your old, limiting stories and beliefs that keep you playing small.

The belief that you’re not good enough.
The belief that making money takes advantage of others
The belief that marketing has to feel “pushy” or “sales-y”
The belief that people can’t afford your work.
The belief that ______ [fill in the blank with your own]______.

What it requires is that you allow your gifts to come through while you get comfortable receiving money in exchange for your services.

It’s good for you. It’s good for your clients.

My work in the world at this time is to teach healers how to step forward into their full authentic leadership and build business models that are in full alignment with who you are and that serve the highest good.

Business is not inherently good or bad. Business is simply a vehicle for the exchange of services.

Our world has a lot of pain in it. You have a unique medicine within you.

Business is an incredible vehicle to share your medicine with the world.