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Thriving Healers provides business training and professional development for established and emerging healers who have a unique and valuable offering to share with the world.

We teach compassionate, integrity-led practitioners the skills necessary to thrive professionally and financially, while sharing their healing gifts.

How We Can Help You

Find and enroll committed clients

Implement a high-integrity business model for healers

Communicate the value of your work

Get visible: Overcome blocks to being seen

Charge with confidence

Develop unshakeable confidence in
your gifts

Free Hour Long Workshop:


The 6 Step Roadmap To Find Clients & Make A Great Living

Learn how to find clients with ease, overcome crippling self-doubt, and charge what you’re worth.

Success Stories

“Within 2 months of joining the Thriving Healers program, I booked 10 clients for my six month program and one client for my 8 month program. I made $80,000."

Kylie Dang

Energy Healer

“My income has increased by 50% since I began to utilize the Thriving Healer tools! I now offer packages instead of one-time sessions. I see clients only 4 days a week and make double the income. I just had my first $10,000 month and am now consistently booking clients into my $10,000 program.”

Kathy Kelly

Founder, Healing Therapies Of New England

“My first big win with Thriving Healers was learning the enrollment conversation. I started by offering a package of 6 sessions for $900. I booked 5 clients and made $4500 in the first 2 weeks of the program! I now lead a 10 month program for $9000.”

Maxine Dillon

Professional Energy Healer To Creative Professionals

“Within two months I experienced a revenue increase of over 45 percent! And I recently had my first $10k month! I feel really strong in my offerings now and very fluent in how I translate those offerings through intimate and supportive conversations with potential clients.”

Tina Marie Ji

Energy Healing Counselor

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When It Seems Easy For Everyone Else To Find Clients…

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The Courage To Be Seen In Your Gifts

The Courage To Be Seen In Your Gifts

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